Employee Application


Life Force Services, Inc. is currently under contract with the Division of    Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to provide Support Living services to developmentally disabled adults on a 24-hour per day basis.  We are dedicated to the creation and maintenance of community based residential living arrangements for persons with developmental disabilities. We believe that every person has an equal opportunity to share in the benefits and the difficulties of life in the community. Individuals receiving ITS services with Life Force Services, Inc. will be supported in the following areas:

1)      Personal Safety and Emergency Procedures

2)      Food and Nutrition

3)      Money Management and Budgeting 

4)      Community Access activities

5)      Advocacy 

6)      Procurement of Housing

7)      Transportation 

8)      Socialization and Building Relationships

9)      Health and Personal Hygiene

10)    Power and Freedom of Choice

11)    Status, Worth, and Recognition 

12)    Belonging


It is the philosophy of Life Force Services, Inc. that all staffing service participants will learn and progress for the entire time they live in the community.  We will provide opportunities for clients to successfully live comfortably on their own in their community with the necessary assistance, support, and cooperation.